Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cross contamination precautions with your Gluten Free cookies?

Yes and this is something we take very seriously. Our GF cookies have their own utensils for baking and employees are trained to change their gloves before and after handling these cookies. In addition the workspace is cleaned before and after baking GF recipes.

How long does shipping take?

All orders are shipped USPS priority mail which typically takes anywhere from 1-5 business days. Please click the button below for more information concerning shipping.

Can I send multiple boxes to different people in one checkout?

At this time our website is not set up to be able to do this, but we do have this idea saved for an improvement as we grow!  

For now you can place separate transactions to ship orders to different recipients.

How often do you release new cookies?

Our goal is to release at least one new cookie a month, but we are sticklers for only sharing a product we 100% love! Sometimes that means a lot of failed attempts in the kitchen and a slower release date. We are constantly trying out new recipes to bring you more delicious options! If you have suggestions for a cookie you'd like to see head over to Instagram, send us a DM and let us know!

Are your cookies always fresh?

We are so proud to say YES! All cookies are made to order daily to ensure freshness! Quality is extremely important to us and we strive to always ship the best of the best.

Is the Bakers dozen in the GF box another gluten free cookie?

Yes. When purchasing our GF dozen your 13th cookie, the bakers dozen, will be another Gluten Free cookie unless otherwise noted by you.  We do this for the customers safety in case of a heavy intolerance or allergy. If you would like us to include any other cookie as your 13th you MUST note it in the "Special Instructions" space and we will happily oblige! 

Do Your Cookies Freeze Well?

Yes! Our cookies will stay fresh for up to a week upon receiving them if left out. But if you want to save them, simply leave them in their sealed clear packaging and store them in your freeze for up to 3 months. Allow up to 24 hours at room temperature to dethaw.

Can I add a note after I placed my order?

We ask that you pay close attention when placing your order and enter your note accordingly before checking out. If you forget please email us at -- do not message us on Instagram please. We will do our best to grab your order from processing before it's packed and shipped.

**During limited edition releases we can NOT add notes to orders after checkout due to the hundreds of orders we receive each day. We apologize in advance.