Meet the Team



Meet Jon (and his mama - the reason we have a secret cookie recipe to begin with)! He's the brain behind this whole operation. His wheels never stop spinning to create something new, to improve something that could work better or to fix anything that needs fixing. He's constantly thinking, brainstorming or itching to create... the only problem is he's organized chaos. That's where his better half comes in ;-)



Meet Maegen! The better half! She's the organized one who keeps Jon's wild side in check and all the calendars in sync and she gets entirely too excited about a check list. She's also the creative with an eye for design and a passion for making eye pleasing things! You probably see her all over Instagram stories regularly! Together Jon and Maegen created The Cookie Crate.



This is us... We are goofy, messy humans who also pride themselves in being expert cookie taste testers. We are parents to three small babies, 4 and under, with one more on the way! When we aren't chasing them or playing Candyland, we are running our businesses together. The Cookie Crate is based on our faith and we pride ourselves in being fair and generous business owners. Thank you for choosing to spend your hard earned money with us!