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- Made from Scratch -

You know that smell when you walk into your grandmothers house and she's spent the morning whipping up her famous homemade treat? Stops you in your tracks and makes you nostalgic, right? Well, we experience that smell daily in our bakery! Lucky for you, Mimi shared her secret recipes with us so we could surprise and delight people all over the world with delicious, made from scratch cookies! Do yourself a favor and snag a dozen... or two! No judgement here! Soon the smell of fresh baked cookies will fill your home too! 


- Surprise & Delight -

Whether you're hosting a gathering in your home, don't want to show up empty handed to someones house or planning an event, from work meetings to birthday parties to baby showers to game day parties - you can't go wrong with scrumptious cookies. PRO TIP - put them on your own platter and pretend you slaved away over them!


- The Perfect Gift -

Did your dearest friend just have a baby? Did your sister ten states away just get promoted at work? Did your friend just move across the country into a new home? There are SO many things to celebrate in life and we want to be a part of that with you!

Send the perfect gift of delicious made from scratch cookies straight to someone's door.  Let them know you are celebrating them, even if it's from a distance. All of our cookies are made from scratch and shipped priority mail within 48 hours of your order being placed.