5 Workspace Musthaves

After almost 3 years online and almost 1 year in our storefront, we have gotten our routines down pretty well! There are a few items that make our everyday processes run even smoother, so we thought we would share those with you...

  1. Sticky Notes
    I cannot even begin to guess how many sticky notes we go through in a day! From organizing orders to leaving messages to taking notes on a phone call, we use them for literally everything.
  2. Dry erase calendars
    We have 2 big, magnetic monthly dry erase calendars in our fulfillment room, and we check them at least 50 times a day. We are always planning ahead and making sure we are all on the same page for this month and the next one.
  3. Snacks
    Of course, we snack on cookies and edible cookie dough pretty often! But we also keep a stash of savory snacks to keep us fueled for the day. Trail mix, Verb Energy Bars, and Sargento Balanced Breaks are in our current snack rotation. We also stock up on waters, coffee, sparkling waters, and hot tea.
  4. Pens, markers, and highlighters
    We mark specific information on every single order form to make sure the right cookies, notes, and confetti get in the right box going to the right address. It sounds a little complicated, but we color code it with highlighters and make notes all day long.
  5. Music
    We all work in one big fulfillment room, so we keep the music going all day to keep us upbeat and jamming out. We use a Bluetooth speaker, so we can take turns playing DJ.

Our processes are always changing and getting better, but these 5 things always stick around and keep us going!

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