Hailey's Favs

Let's talk some favorites!

1. The Clay Couple
This is a small business, run by Stacy + Jazon and based in NY. I have 1 hairpin and 12 pairs of earrings from them. Needless to say, I am obsessed. Most of the time you see me in Instagram stories, I am wearing these. They have such great quality at a great price. I love shopping with small businesses.

2. Gladiator Protein Powder
I was a cheerleader and dancer in college. Since graduating, I have wanted to stay active and got into weightlifting. I discovered this protein powder at Smoothie King, and it really helps me count macros. It has 45g of protein. It comes in chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Chocolate is my favorite! I always mix it with water in my BlenderBottle after I work out. I've tried others that don't taste great, but this one is really good. I drink it literally every day.

3. Books.
I love to read! I mostly read Christian self-help, but this summer I got into a fiction book called Where the Crawdads Sing. This is the only fiction book that has kept me really engaged. I am currently reading You're Not Enough (And That's Okay). This book speaks the truth that the Jesus is the only one who will ever be enough. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married is another book I am obsessed with. My friend is currently borrowing it. I've read it probably 4 times and watched the sermon series. It is great for anyone in any season. It helps you navigate what your desires should be and where you are.

4. Jules & James
-Boutique from Carrollton, GA. 80% of my closet is Jules & James, 15% CJLA, 5% miscellaneous. I got to meet the owner, Alison. She is super sweet. I've been shopping with them since early 2019 and following along their story. Their motto is Generosity, Friendship, Kindness. They truly embody that by working with nonprofits and finding ways to give back. I love being able to support them.

5. Apple AirTag
I lost my keys for an entire week and genuinely had no idea where they went. The dealership (after asking if I checked my pockets...) quoted me $1000 to replace! When I heard that, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at 22. I kept looking for hours, tore apart my house, even looking with a metal detector. About a week later, I found them. Never again! I got an AirTag and a case. It is honestly so worth it! I would pay $30 again and again to not pay $1000. It keeps tracking it all the time and can lead you to them by pinging and giving you directions on your phone. Definitely worth the investment!

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