The Lactation Cookie

Mamas - this one's for you! Lactation cookies have been a highly requested addition to our site and we created the perfect recipe to create a savory, subtly sweet cookie that also benefits a woman's milk supply. These cookies contain brewers yeast among many other ingredients that work to increase a woman's milk supply based upon the minerals, amino acids and vitamin B brewers yeast contains. They resemble an oatmeal cookie in their soft and chewy texture along with a sweet flavor thanks to white and milk chocolate chips!

And don't worry, they are perfectly safe for anyone to eat at anytime!

DISCLAIMER: We are by no means guaranteeing these cookies will increase a woman's supply, but brewers yeast and other ingredients such as oats and flax seed meal included in these cookies have been proven to help many women boost their supply. Please see our Instagram stories labeled "lactation" for more detailed information. 

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