Let's Give Jon Some Credit

Jon is the dreamer in this relationship. Constantly thinking, reinventing the wheel, dreaming without borders. I love it about him because he's everything I'm not and I learn so much from him and his lack of fear.

So when he came to me with the idea of adding cookie dough, my first reaction was resistance. I didn't want something new, another element, more logistics. I wanted to stick with what I know because I'm comfortable here.

But this is why we balance each other so well because Jon pushes me out of my comfort zone where there is the possibility of growth and excitement. I would never go there on my own.

Sometimes I shoot down his ideas because they're crazy or super lame...but more often than not, I've learned to trust him and let him do his thing!

He definitely got it right with our cookie dough. He and Kayla made an amazing team figuring out all of the logistics and science behind it. Now the rest of us get to reap the benefit of their hard work ;)

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