2021 Limited-Edition Christmas Box FAQ

How long is this box available?

Online: November 24th - December 12th
Locally: November 24th - December 23rd

When will the box be in store?

The Christmas Box will be available in store starting Wednesday, November 24th, at noon. You can call and preorder any day this week! We will have the box in store every day in limited quantities through December 23rd.

Will flavors be sold individually?

No, these flavors were designed to create one cohesive box. No substitutions can be made. You'll love them all together!

Is the price the same in store and online?

No, the price in store is $33.95

How far out can I preorder?

Preorder is available through 12/22. Please specify your preferred delivery date in the Special Instructions before adding the box to your cart.

How long is the shipping time?

Our processing time is 24-48 hours but may be higher during seasonal box launches. Then, we ship with FedEx Priority 2-day shipping.

How can I correct a mistake on my order?

If you need to make any changes to your order, you can contact us via Live Chat, email at sales@thecookiecrate.com, or phone call at (423) 444-6035.

Are any of the cookies gluten-free?

No, none of our seasonal flavors are gluten-free. We are working on a couple new gluten-free flavors, so stay tuned!

Which flavor will be added to the menu?

That's up to you all! Follow us on Instagram for the poll and cast your vote!

Can I place a bulk order?

Of course! When you have 3 or more boxes in your cart, you can use code BULK15 for 15% off. If you want to send them to different addresses, please specify those in the Special Instructions.

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