2022, Here We Come!

And just like that, Christmas is over! We sincerely hope you had an incredible holiday with your loved ones 😊

Since the New Year is just around the corner, I’m curious, do you do resolutions? A word? Intentions? I personally don’t do resolutions because it feels like that is setting myself up for failure 😅 but I’m all about some intentions! This year I intend to try harder at having boundaries around my time as a parent. It’s too easy as a business owner to work in every wedge of space I can find because the work never stops AND because I love what I do. In the past that has looked like catching up on emails beside the bathtub while my kids play or getting lost in thought about a creative idea and jotting down notes when I’m in the middle of coloring with my kids…. Not proud of it, but hoping to be more intentional about it because there are too many sweet moments missed when I’m caught up in something that can easily wait or get done during “work hours”. I’d love to hear some things on your mind as we head into 2022! 🎉

PS. this picture is a little hint to something coming mid 2022 that SO many of you have been begging for… 😉

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