Our 2022 Limited- Edition Valentine's Box launches tomorrow (1/18/2022)!!
I am so excited for y'all to try these flavors, I can't wait!

Before we give those away just yet, let's go over the basics...

How long will the box be available?

Online: January 18- February 6th.
The first day boxes can be delivered is January 20th, and the last day they can be preordered for delivery is February 11th.

Locally January 18th- February 14th.
Valentine's Day is the last day for local pickup!

Locals- When will it be available in store?

We will have them ready starting tomorrow January 18th. We will have a LIMITED QUANTITY every day in store until February 14th. They always sell out FAST.
You can always call to reserve yours to guarantee you get one the day you would like. Our store number is (423) 444-6035.

Will the flavors be sold individually?

No. We work hard on making the limited edition boxes work as a set! You will love them all paired together!

Is the price the same in store as it is online?

No. If you pick up in store, it is $33.95.

Can I preorder the box?

Yes! You can order anytime and request delivery for any date UNTIL 2/11! Utilize the "Special Instructions" box to request a date!

How fast is shipping?

Our processing time is 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). You can expect a slight delay in this during a box launch due to the influx of orders. Once your order is processed, we ship with FedEx Express which is two-day shipping!

Can I substitute any cookies in the box?

No. This box comes as is and cannot be customized. We design the boxes to be enjoyed as a set!

I made a mistake on my order! What do I do?

You can call (423-444-603), email (, or live chat us (on the website)!
We ask that you do not DM us, as they can easily get lost in the mix of all the messages.

Are any of the flavors gluten free?

No. All of the allergens and ingredients will be listed under the product description tomorrow when it launches.

What flavor will you keep on the menu?

Well, that is up to YOU! At the end of every box, we always put up a post on Instagram asking for you all to vote for your favorite. Make sure you are following along on Instagram so you do not miss it!

Can I bulk order?

Yes! Orders that contain 3 or more crates are considered a bulk order! You can use code: BULK15 for 15% off! We have stories and reels that explain how to do so!

If you have any other questions, feel free to DM or email us, and we would love to help you!

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