Our First Fall Flavors of 2021

I can't even begin to express my excitement in have Maple Pecan and Carrot Cake back on our site! Y'all know my die hard love for Maple Pecan. I wasn't happy when she left, but now my heart is content again to smell her coming FRESH out of the oven. Oh mercy!
And Carrot Cake! A fantastic mix of Fall flavors that combined to create the most perfect cookie. Not to mention the texture...oh the texture. If you're a Whipped Cream fan or if you miss Lemon Sherbet... this cookie is created with the same base so you can have a Fall flavored fluffy cloud of perfection!

Both of these flavors are back on our menu for Fall so you have plenty of time to order and enjoy to your heart's content!

Come over to Instagram and tell me how excited you are! We want to hear it!

Click here to build your own dozen!

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