Welcome to The Cookie Crate!

How did The Cookie Crate get started?

Jon & Maegen Mills, founders and owners of The Cookie Crate, started this company in April of 2019. These two are insanely opposite and yet completely compatible! Jon is the dreamer, constantly pushing outside comfort zones and striving for more. Maegen is the creative content creator. She dreams, but with boundaries! Jon runs the day to day operations, overseeing their incredible team of 7 women, while you can typically find Maegen in Instagram stories or concocting new cookie ideas and/or boxes for future launches. They reside in Johnson City, TN with their four kids who are 5 and under!

What started as selling cookie/ice cream sandwiches locally in an ice cream truck, (a past business they've since sold), then turned into dropping packaged cookies into makeup orders that Maegen was shipping from home as part of a MLM company. Her customers (and other distributors) started asking how they could get their hands on these cookies by the dozen. Well, Maegen mentioned to Jon that she was receiving this overwhelming request for their cookies and, for lack of a better example, "If you give a mouse a cookie.... he'll run off and start a business". You think I'm kidding, don't you? Just ask Maegen. She now knows to be careful what she says around that husband of hers.

When Jon and Maegen created this little business they couldn't come up with a name. So they turned to her trusty Instagram community over on @themoderntulip where she was quickly given over 100 responses of ideas. They fell in love with "The Cookie Crate" and the creator won herself a year of FREE cookie crates as their way of saying thank you!

Jon and Maeg envisioned people ordering cookies for themselves when a craving occurred, but little did they know this business would blow them away with it's focus on gift giving. Over the first year, their eyes were opened to the hearts of people wanting to love on others and a need for a simple, yet intentional gift. Perfect for absolutely anyone!

Now, Jon and Maegen, along with their growing team are working from their beautiful brick and mortar location in Johnson City that officially opened January 2021. The entire team is humbled by watching people love on others in such a simple, yet meaningful way with their cookies.

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