Welcome to The Two Bite Club!

I'm going to tell y'all like I tell my children "two bite club!"
AKA...don't knock it until you try it!

Our Cornbread Cookie is definitely out there, but different in the best way possible! If I had a penny for everyone who said they weren't "lemon people" and then came back and recounted their words and raved over lemon sherbet! Or couch potato..."What!?" That's too much stuff in a cookie!" Then later comes back and apologizes saying it;s their new favorite, begging for it to come back on the menu!...or Eighty Beer!!! "Beer in a cookie? Gross!"...except it's a top seller monthly!

Give it a try and you just might be pleasantly surprised! We are hearing nothing but rave reviews!!!

*Click here to grab a Fall Box and join the two bite club!

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